Virtual Tours & Video Tours

360' Panoramic Views of any subject

360' Panoramas: Maui Graphics will come out and shoot the digital images that will be used to create your panoramic virtual tour. Images are taken from a central point and are meant to overlap one another every 30' degrees. Once the images have been shot in a complete 360' circle, the images are stitched together to create a long panoramic view of the surroundings. When the panoramic image is viewed in a web browser (such as Internet Explorer) you can use your mouse to scroll around the environment and view it from all angles.

Real Estate Virtual Tours: Virtual Tours are most commonly used to show Real Estate. Virtual Tours can be shot for each individual room in a house, or condo. When viewed in a web browser (such as Internet Explorer) you can use your mouse to scroll around the room and view it from all angles. These virtual tours give prospective buyers a chance to see a property from anywhere in the world (via computer and the internet). Virtual tours can also be made of a properties exterior and views (i.e. front yard, back yard, lanai views, etc.)

Real Estate Video Tours: Unlike the traditional "virtual tour", Maui Graphics also provides video tours. Video tours are exactly that. They are small videos that take you on a tour of your desired location. Whether it be a video to show the layout of your home or condo, or a short video giving driving directions to your big party (complete with landmarks and street signs). Video tours can give viewers a quick look at something and provide a visual reference for showing special places and locations.

Special Places: There's always that "special place" that you want to remember. Maybe it's the Banyan Tree on Front Street in Lahaina, maybe it's Black Rock at the Sheraton in Kaanapali, or maybe it's Big Beach and it's views of Haleakala, Kahoolawe, Molokini, and the West Maui Mountains. Whether it's that special waterfall near Hana, or the beach you stopped at right before sunset, Maui Graphics can go there and create a virtual tour. View it in your web browser and go back in time to remember when you were there, in person.

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